I first experienced Cambodia in January 2011 as part of a planned vacation to the broader region, traipsing the incredible temples and ruins of the city of Angkor and lounging around the riverside in Phnom Penh watching the world go by. Little did I realise the profound impact this brief trip to the Kingdom of Wonder would have on me, first of all in encouraging me to drop work for a year to travel more widely, but later to release myself from a corporate existence to immerse myself living in the Kingdom.  Since then, I have been finding my way through various activities in Cambodia, ranging from obtaining the visas I need to live here and buying a house,  through the joys and trepidations of (my Cambodian wife) having a baby and - together - (still) raising a beautiful, truculent child, to (trying) to learn the language, looking for work, registering a business, buying investment property and everything in between and beyond . . .

Sitting at my desk here at our house in Phnom Penh a couple of days ago - where I am as I write this – it occurred to me that from time to time a little practical information to help things along, in one easy to find place, would have really helped me along, and would have given me back more time to progress and enjoy, and possibly avoided a few uncomfortable situations too.

So this is it: destination-cambodia.com

​I am neither a travel authority nor a language expert, I'm certainly not a medical practitioner or a real estate lawyer, and I'm obviously not Khmer (I'm from the UK as it happens), and this resource is unapologetically a resource from and for those like-minded individuals travelling to visit or indeed live and or work in the Kingdom of wonder.

All feedback is valued, and don't hesitate to flip me an email with your helpful suggestions and questions you might have around the context of this resource.

Until then, cheers and good luck - Jon

The small print:

Jon Herbert is an UK national who first visited Cambodia in 2011 and now lives in Cambodia with his Khmer family, having previously worked and lived in Malaysia and Europe.  Other contributors to this site are credited as content is released.

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