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Cambodia Visa: general information

Updated: Aug 11

Most visitors entering Cambodia will require a visa. Fortunately, Cambodia offers a flexible and user-friendly range of options for both tourists and longer-term visitors

To visit, live or work in Cambodia people of most nationalities will need a visa – fortunately, Cambodia has a simple and user-friendly visa system offering a range of visa and application options to fit the requirements of both tourists and longer-term visitors.

1. Applying for a visa

2. Visa classifications

3. Visa extension

4. Visa exemptions (ASEAN)

5. Summary of visa types and requirements

6. Useful links

Visa requirements in Cambodia are subject to change, as illustrated since the relaxation of covid requirements (often positively). We endeavor to keep this information up to date regularly, but if you learn something new, please don't hesitate to let us know.

1. Applying for a visa

E-Visa (for tourist visitors)

Convenient and stress free the e-visa application is made in advance of travelling through the official website. Following the relaxation of covid restrictions application for a 'T' tourist visa can be made by nationals of over two hundred eligible countries. At the time of writing ordinary 'E' e-visa applications for business and employment or retirement purposes are restricted to nationals of "Taiwan (China)".

Tourist e-visa documentation requirements are light including a photograph, passport copy and covid vaccination certificate. A copy of an onward flight ticket exiting Cambodia may also be requested. Visa processing time is three days, and the approved visa is printed out for use instead of a visa sticker thereby rescuing a passport page.

Tourist visa extensions

Tourist visas are single entry only for 30 days and can be extended only once for +30 days at the Immigration Department in Phnom Penh (directly or via an agent).

​Advisory covid insurance

​Previously covid insurance from Forte was required for entry to Cambodia; however, this is now only a recommendation. This specific insurance is expensive and better value covid cover may be available under a general travel insurance policy. Travellers recently entering Cambodia without the recommended covid specific insurance have reported no issues at immigration.

Visa on arrival (VOA)

The visa on arrival is available at all air entry points including Phnom Penh and Siem Reap and at some land crossing points including the Poi Pet crossing from Thailand.

The requirements for a tourist 'T' visa are light, but for an ordinary 'E' visa there are additional documentation requirements (which are not always completely clear) such as an official invitation letter from a Cambodian institution for visitors seeking an onward business (EB) visa or student visa, or evidence of income / wealth and insurance for retirees over the age of 55 years planning an onward retirement (ER) visa.

When planning a longer term visit it is worth considering applying in advance through an embassy or an agent before travelling. This is because although a refused 'E' ordinary visa application on arrival can usually be changed to a tourist visa, a tourist visa cannot then be transferred to another visa type meaning that exit from Cambodia is later required to again apply for an ordinary visa.

Visa application through an embassy

A 'T' tourist or 'E' ordinary visa - required for conversion into a 3-month signal entry or 6- or 12-month multiple entry employment, education or retirement visa can also be applied for directly at a Cambodia embassy or via an agent (documents can be delivered by post).

Although the e-visa and VOA options are simpler for individuals applying for a tourist visa, for 'E' ordinary visa applicants applying directly before travelling can enable the resolution of any potential documentation issues in advance of travel, thereby providing peace of mind and avoiding any discussion at the VOA desk and beating the queue to immigration.

Requirements vary by country and can be confirmed by contacting the embassy via Facebook messenger (recommended), phone or email: for contact details most embassies have an official Facebook page, or there are numerous 'unofficial' visa websites with contact details (which may or may not be up to date). Nationals not eligible for e-visa or visa on arrival can apply for a visa at a Cambodian embassy or consulate.

Using an agent

Applicants with difficulty applying directly, for example if living far away from the embassy, can apply for the visa through an agent. Applicants should do due diligence on the agent, who will be receiving an original passport and handling other personal information.

2. Visa classifications

Tourist visa (T) - 30-day visa

Single-entry 30-day visa with 3 months validity from the date of issue the tourist visa can be extended one time only in Phnom Penh for a further 30 days (directly at the immigration office of via an agent). The tourist visa is only valid for tourism activities (not business, employment, or students). A new tourist visa can be applied for only after exiting Cambodia.

Ordinary visa (E) - 30-day visa

Single-entry 30-day visa with 3 months validity from the date of issue which, subject to documentation, can be extended and converted into several other 'E' visas (see below). Visa extensions of 6 months or more provide a multiple entry visa whereas visas of 30 or 90 days are only single entry, which means that visitors exiting Cambodia within the visa period

Visa fees

Visa fees vary depending on the type of visa, the method of application and any extension that needs to be priced in.

  • Tourist visa: US$30 (+US$6 admin fee for e-visa) 1 month extension is c.US$30 plus any agency fees (e-visas extension fee is US$36 plus and agency fees).

  • Ordinary visa US$35 (+US$7 admin fee for e-visa) extension fees vary in a range from US$50 to US$190 depending on the length of the extension, for example an extension to a 12-month EB / ER visa will cost US$290 plus any agency fees.

Extension via an agent

Visa extension can be arranged directly at the immigration department near the airport, although this can be busy meaning that the process takes a few hours and may require more than one trip if there is a query on any documentation. Alternatively, for a premium of (typically) US$10-20 the extension can be arranged via an agent who will review the documentation and apply through known contacts at immigration. Extension can take 7 - 14 days to complete if processed through an agent.

There are some well-known agency offices, usually offering a range of travel and visa services - including round the Riverside area in Phnom Pehn, which are open during normal business hours. It is advisable to do some anecdotal due diligence on the agency and note the agent spoken to assure reasonable service and care of your essential ID documents and personal information. It is important to select a known agent at their office rather than using an informal contact to mitigate the risk of loss of passport.

Business visa (EB)

The business visa for be extended for 3, 6 or 12 months and allows the holder to do business while in Cambodia, but this does not authorise individuals to be employed in Cambodia without a separate work permit. The EB visa is popular with working freelancers, although follow-on extensions of more than three months can be problematic without a supporting business registration confirmation, and many freelancers who do not wish to also register a business in Cambodia opt to exit and reenter Cambodia within a revolving 3-month cycle as an alternative (i.e. operate by undertaking a regular - and permissible - 'visa run').

Individuals with employment in Cambodia will usually be supported by their employer with the minimum of a stamped letter of support in the required format, related work permit which is a separate requirement to be employed in Cambodia, and any other documents that are required such as a copy of the employing businesses tax patent stamped with the company stamp.

Retirement visa (ER)

Similarly, the ER visa can be extended for 3, 6 or 12 months - with 6- and 12-month visas providing multiple-entry but does not permit the holder to undertake business activity while in Cambodia. Eligibility is based on an age of 55 years or higher with evidence of retirement and / or savings, which may be negotiable (usually with the support of an agent) depending on the individual circumstances of the applicant.

Student visa (ES)

The student visa application requires a supporting letter from an appropriately registered educational organisation in Cambodia. The visa can be for 3, 6, or 12 months (3-month visas are single entry and 6- and 12-month visas are multiple entry) and can theoretically be extended indefinitely with the support of a sponsoring institution. Student visas to not authorise the holder to work or conduct business in Cambodia.

'Looking for work visa' (EG)

The EG visa is for individuals entering Cambodia with the intention of looking for work and can be extended once for 1, 3 or 6 months. The EG visa is not designed for multiple extensions for extending an EB visa already held by the applicant.

Other visa classifications

There are a range of other visas available for individuals in specific circumstances including the examples below, which are covered only briefly as normally full support is available from the sponsoring organisation:

  • 'A' diplomatic visa

  • 'B' visas for officials of eligible IGOs

  • 'C' visas for employees of eligible NGOs

  • 'K' visas for 'Cambodians holding valid foreign passports' (see above regarding dependent visas)

3. Visas for children and other dependents

Both adult dependents and children who are not Khmer nationals (i.e. not born in Cambodia) require a visa to visit and stay in the Kingdom.

For dependents who are foreign nationals without a Khmer parent this is an extension of the extension of 'E' visa requirements, whereas for dependents with evidence of a Khmer parent there is a cheaper and longer term 'K' Khmer visa option.

'EB' Visas for dependents

Non-working dependent spouses and through a legal guardian children can apply for 'EB ' visa with a supporting letter (with official company stamp) from the sponsoring employer of the primary visa-holder confirming that the employee company supports the application on behalf of the dependents. Each visa runs concurrently with the visa period of the primary visa-holder, and each individual visa application fee costs the same as the visa fee for the primary visa holder (whether paid by the employing company or directly by the employee).

'K' Khmer visa for dependents with a Cambodian parent

For children (and adults) born overseas to a Cambodian parent there is a specific 'K' Khmer visa which can be applied for at a local embassy (or through an agent) in a residing location. The requirements include a passport with more than 6 months to expiry and a supporting application form and a birth certificate including the name of the Khmer parent(s).

K visas expire when the passport expires but are not transferrable to a new passport requiring reapplication when the passport is renewed.

4. Visa exemptions (ASEAN)

ASEAN member countries are exempt from visa requirements for short term visits of 14, 21 or 30 days depending on the allowance for each country. The in-scope ASEAN countries are Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, and Myanmar.

5. Summary of visa types and requirements

Visa designation




E-visa / VOA

US$ Cost / extension

T - tourist

Passport and travel documents

Business, work, study

30 days 1 time

Y / Y

30 / 30

(+6 e-visa)

E / EB - ordinary / business

Passport, travel documents, support of business activities

Employment also requires a work permit

3, 6, 12 months with supporting documents

N* / Y

(*except Taiwan)

35 / 80 - 290

ER retirement

55+ evidence of retirement / income & savings

Business / employment

3, 6, 12 months

N / E + extend

35 / 80 - 290

ES student

Invitation letter from registered educational organisation

Business / employment

3, 6, 12 months

N / E + extend

35 / 80 - 290

EG 'looking for work'

Passport, travel documents

Conversion to start work with permit

3, 6 months cannot be re-extended

N / E + extend

35 / 80 - 160

K - Khmer with foreign passport

Birth certificate validation

Khmer parent

Extends to passport period

N / N (embassy or consulate)


A, B, C



Organsised by sponsor

Organsised by sponsor

Organsised by sponsor

N / N


6. Useful links

Cambodia e-visa government portal

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